Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

SuperDeal is the #1 discount marketplace in Ukraine. For more than 10 years (since 2010), we dayli continue to please our customers with new discounts up to 90% on services in the categories of food, beauty, health, education, entertainment, tourism, home service and comfort, hobbies and much more.

Taking advantage of the discount from SuperDeal is as easy as shelling pears:

  • Register. Enter your email address and city in which you are going to use the discounts.
  • Checkout. After logging into the site, select the desired deal, click «buy» and pay in any available way convenient for you. After the payment is credited, the coupon or certificate will be displayed in the «My discounts» on the Pokupon website and in the application, and will also come to your email address specified during registration.
  • Show to the company the discount in electronic form from your smartphone.
  • Enjoy a discounted service or product.

Most likely, you have a limit on online payment. Contact the operator of your bank, or use the Personal account of the Internet banking system – Card management settings and independently change the payment limit on the Internet.

Payment with money from a Personal Account or cashback is available and displayed in payment methods only if there are enough funds on the balance – not less than the purchase cost.

You don't need to print a coupon or certificate! It is enough to show the document in electronic form at the place of getting the service.

You can use the discount during its validity period. The exact period is indicated on your certificate or coupon, stored in your personal account and sent to your email after purchase.

The deals that you see in the catalog on the website and the SuperDeal mobile application, with an active Buy button, are relevant and you can use them. If the promotion is over, you will see an appropriate notification: «Sorry, the deal has finished» and it won't be possible to buy it. Inactive deals are stored in the Past Deals tab.

You can cancel promotional service and issue a refund through the support service. But pay attention! – it is possible to return an unused and unactivated Certificate, but not the Coupon, which is an information service. For more details on the terms of return, see the tab «Customer Support».

Be sure to tell us about the problem, this will make our service even better. Use the form to send messages through «Contact us» on the website or write to ask@superdeal.com.ua.

Email is needed to inform about the status of your orders and payments and to send an electronic certificate or coupon after payment. You can also receive new and interesting offers and be among the first to benefit from discounts on popular services. Mailing settings can always be changed in the Personal Account: pause or change the frequency.

All information about cooperation is collected in the tab «For partners».

New deals and offers appear on the site every day. Not to miss them: subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Instagram.