Скидка 10% на букет из 101 розы Эль Торо!

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Букет из 101 розы Эль Торо со скидкой за 1349 грн. Обычная цена 1480 грн!

  • Высота розы 70 см
  • Диаметр букета 40 см

Product description

  • Цена действует в интернет-магазине и магазине ул. Верхний Вал, 54/23 на всю розу Эль Торо

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You can use the coupon from 12.10.2018 to 30.04.2019

The price includes payment for information services provided by SuperDeal on the basis of the Public Offer.

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  • Refunds for Information Services are carried out exclusively on the grounds provided for in Art. 10 of the Law of Ukraine 'On Protection of Consumer Rights'. To refund the cost of the Information Service, the User provides SuperDeal with the Seller's confirmation (in any form) that the Seller refused to transfer the Goods to the User on Special Conditions.
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Flower Shop Chain

Phones:+38 (063) 495-00-00 (интернет-магазин)+38 (067) 214-64-69 (интернет-магазин)+38 (044) 209-44-29 (интернет-магазин)+38 (044) 495-00-00 (многоканальный)

The Kamelia group of companies specializes in growing flowers and plants with their subsequent sale in retail outlets. All year round, the company grows up to 30 varieties of roses: with large and small buds, classic red and other shades - for every taste and occasion. Indoor plants are grown in the company's greenhouses - orchids, cyclamens, violets and others, ready to bring warmth and beauty to the house.

Kamelia also offers a range of floristic services for decorating the rooms with flowers for weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, etc. The company will deliver fresh and fragrant-smelling flowers to anywhere in Kiev and the Kiev region.


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